Stretch and Relaxation

Asian yoga man practice yoga on the beach with a clear blue sky background. Yogi on the tropical beach of Bali island, Indonesia.

Mr. PIlates uses and interesting image in his book Return To Life that has helped my clients in the studio. He uses the idea of a cat stretching, with it's muscles rippling under the skin, and how that is different from when a cat is relaxing and its muscles are at rest. I have been guiding my clients to do their exercises with this idea of stretching by contracting their muscles so they can see them under their skin,  Then when they are done with the exercise, have them really relax and let their muscles recover. It makes for very interesting way of getting stronger. Try it at home as you do your mat exercises and notice how your body feels after contracting/stretching and relaxing your muscles. If you begin to notice that your muscles go from a weak feeling to a strong feeling then you're doing it right. Comment below on what part of your body is feeling this the most.

Benjamin Martinez