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Welcome to our classical Pilates studio in Austin, TX. We are here to serve your fitness needs using the Pilates Method as way to introduce, challenge and advance your Pilates experience. All Instructors are classically trained and will be able to customize your workouts based on your needs and goals. Whether you are active or inactive, young or of a certain age we will give you the workout most appropriate for your lifestyle.

Ben Martinez brings the prestigious Romana’s Pilates Instructor Training program to the Austin Area. This program is the gold standard of Pilates Teacher Training in the world, it sets the pace for the study, research and development of the Pilates Method as Mr. Pilates intended. If you are self motivated, uninhibited, take the initiative to make changes for the better, give us a call to set up your introductory assessment. Will you do what it takes to be a role model for others?

 Here are a few glimpses of how we, Romana’s Pilates Instructors, do our work.